Dim Sum Guide

Dim Sum is a tradition that started on Cantons famous Silk Road a super long time ago. Farmers would stop into the tea houses for a little drink and relaxation. At first it was inappropriate to serve food with tea but once they realized that tea actually aided in digestion, little plates (dim sum) were added to the tea, also called Yum Cha. Dim Sum literally means “to touch the heart”. When you have dim sum it is served with tea and is traditionally served on Sunday morning to early afternoon.

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Below is a list of Dim Sum Yummy Sum places to try!!!!!

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CBS Seafood Restaurant
700 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA

Jing Fong
20 Elizabeth St in Chinatown
New York, NY

Seafood Cove
15351 Brookhurst St.
Westminster, CA

Empress Pavilion
988 N Hill St. #201
Los Angeles, CA

Full House Seafood Restaurant
1220 S. Golden West Ave.
Arcadia, CA

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