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Each kit contains the essential Asian ingredients to make 16 Vietnamese Spring Rolls, as well as, the dipping sauce. Inside you’ll find a red envelope (a signature of the Asian culture) which complements the kit with step by step instructions.

I get so many requests from people asking me to take them to the Asian market so I can show them what ingredients to buy to make their very own Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Asian markets can be a bit intimidating if you don’t read Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, or have a mom you can call when you get to the checkout to talk to the person at the register.  I created the EatinAsian Spring Roll Starter Kit to ensure you have exactly what you need for authentic Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Add your favorite fresh veggies and meat/shrimp and you’re on a roll!

Each kit is packaged to look like a gift, whether you purchase for yourself, co-worker, friend, sister in law, in laws, neighbors, etc., If this is a gift and you want a little note included in the red envelope make sure to let us know so we can include it.

All receipts and shipping info will be included in your confirmation email not in the Vietnamese Spring Roll Starter Kit Package. Send us an email to inquire about shipping outside of the U.S.