Lobster Tail with Ginger Scallion Sauce

I love sharing Moons recipes. There is just something about her style that draws me in. When I saw this delicious Lobster recipe, I just had to share it. The ...

Pineapple Fried Rice by Chef Katie Chin

Check out one of the many delicious recipes in Chef Katie Chin's new cooking "Everyday Thai Cooking"

EatinAsian chronicles : Young Coconuts

Published in Huffington Post Food. There is nothing more refreshing than cold coconut water straight out of the young coconut. It's super hydrating with a ton of health benefits.

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EatinAsian Chomp On This podcast

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EatinAsian : Happy 10 years Ayara Thai

Ayara Thai uses fresh, local ingredients and keeps their sauces and spices authentic allowing the true flavors of Thai cuisine to come out in every dish.

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EatinAsian checks out Daikokuya in Little Tokyo

Let me start off with saying what a huge ramen fan I am…more specifically Nissin Top Ramen. I’ve always used it as a base to build on before I add my spices and all my fresh herbs and vegetables.

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Lifetime Fish Frenzy

I’ve been on a fish kick….my entire life. I don’t think it has anything to do with being Asian but everything to do with the fact that my mom & dad loved fish.

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EatinAsian contributes to The Savory to chat about life beyond Pho

This article was published in The Savory July 29, 2014 and written by food writer Josh Schaffer. It features some of my favorite dishes other than Pho that should definitely be on everyone’s radar.

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EatinAsian on the ERNIEandJESSE show

We touched on so many topics during the podcast; Crazy Costco traffic, Cuban food with clothes names, Jesse’s inner conflict with being a vegetarian but with a love of pepperoni (cause apparently it’s not meat) and of course the interview with Marina and myself.

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A Taste of Malaysia with Chef Christina Arokiasamy

Do you know what Malaysian cuisine is? According to The National Restaurant Association, Malaysian cuisine is one of the top 3 trending flavors for 2014.

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